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Maria’s Recipes: Quick Asian Egg Drop Soup

*Egg x 1

*Cornflour x 1 flat teaspoon

*Chicken stock x 1 litre (you can make this up using water and stock powder or cubes)

*Sesame oil x ½ teaspoon

*Optional:  chopped spring onions to garnish

-Put stock on the stove to heat.

-In a cup/mug or small dish, whisk egg and cornflour with a fork.

-When stock comes to a boil, reduce heat to low and stir slowly while also slowly pouring in egg mixture.  Soup should slightly thicken while delicate egg ribbons are formed.

-Turn off heat and add sesame oil.

-Serve in little bowls with chopped spring onions on top.

-Serves 2 as an entrée or snack

-To make into a meal, double ingredients and add extra ingredients like sweetcorn, shredded chicken, tofu, and even two minute ramen noodles.


Note: If adding other ingredients, add these first before the egg mixture and warm through for a couple of minutes.  If adding uncooked noodles, allow them to cook first.