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A few days ago on the 30th August, the Federal Department of Education commissioned an evaluation of the National School Chaplaincy Program which places chaplains in schools. There is no time to lose, opportunities for any comment must be received by 11:50pm on Tuesday 13th September. That’s only a week away!

Did you know that school chaplains contribute to the wellbeing of many sectors in our community? It’s our school chaplains who see our kids who need varying levels and types of support. According to some McCrindle data 84% of school chaplains have seen more mental health struggles post Covid than before and over 70% of chaplains are in our primary schools and so very needed.

This is one of those moments in history were we as Christians need to formally support this program. Without enough response from the community, our school Chaplains are at risk of being removed from our schools.

Will you help?

Students, parents and staff all benefit greatly from the gifts of time, presence and pastoral care that a chaplain offers. Chaplains are:

  • First responders, chaplains are able to identify issues and concerns as they emerge;
  • Employees of third party providers, they are a safe place for everyone in the school community; they are not an employee of the school, nor responsible for discipline or instruction;
  • Qualified, certified, trained and dedicated; and
  • Religious workers, chaplains are able to provide holistic care, including supporting students’ spiritual wellbeing, so important for overall wellbeing.

Chaplains do not proselytise nor do they promote a particular worldview, faith or creed.

Here’s what we all need to do; firstly, please share this request with as many people as you can and then complete the survey as soon as you can before the 13th September as after that date we will no longer have a say in keeping this vital ministry going

To help you prepare for completing the survey, we have also uploaded a list of questions so that you can read through them first. There are quite a few questions so please allow plenty of time.

Of particular importance is asking current students who have been helped by a chaplain to tell their story. It is completely anonymous, and the power of the individual testimony is what makes this action most valuable.

Also Parents, grandparents, teachers, principals and friends are also needed to tell their story.

Let’s keep the chaplains in our schools!

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