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Maria’s Recipes: Baked Sweet Potato with Fresh Herbs & Balsamic

*Sweet potato x 1

*Balsamic glaze (this is thicker than balsamic vinegar) for drizzling

*Fresh coriander, chopped

*Fresh chives, chopped

*Himalayan salt flakes or Braggs seasoning (in a spray bottle)


-With a fork, make some holes in a sweet potato and bake it whole (unpeeled) in a 180 degree oven until soft. You will see caramelisation marks around the fork holes as the sweet potato will ooze out a little. Check the oven after 30 minutes. They usually take about 45-50 mins. It depends on the size and shape of your sweet potato.

-Cut cooked/baked sweet potato length ways and lightly sprinkle with salt. Alternatively lightly spray Braggs seasoning over the orange surface area.

-Quickly drizzle balsamic glaze into squiggles over the cut sweet potato

-Sprinkle over chopped fresh coriander and chives.

-To keep this dish vegan, you can serve with a heaped spoonful of cashew cheese or vegan mayo or sour cream. Non-vegan options would include a little sour cream or butter on the side, even goats cheese would be lovely.