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Maria’s Recipes: Goats Cream Cheese

*Goats Milk Yoghurt x 1kg

*Cheese cloth x 1

*Large, deep mixing bowl (from which you suspend the yoghurt/cheese)

*Wooden spoon

*Butchers twine or some wool



-Lay the cheese cloth over a bowl (the cloth needs to be folded at least once)

-Pour in the yoghurt, making sure it stays in the centre of the cloth

-Tie-up the cloth at the top with twine or wool (like a Christmas pudding), making sure all the yoghurt is sealed into a ‘parcel’.

-Attach the yoghurt parcel to the centre of a wooden spoon (using the twine or wool).  The wooden spoon will act like a bridge over the top of your bowl.  The yoghurt will be suspended in the air, so make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl.

-Whey will start dripping through the cloth and into the bowl.  Leave unrefrigerated for 24 hours, making sure the whey and the cloth aren’t touching.  You may need to discard whey during this process.

-Untie your cheese cloth parcel, put goat cream cheese into a bowl, salt slightly and mix with a fork, then put into a sealed container and refrigerate.  This cream cheese is great as a breakfast spread, on toast and served with avocado or eggs and tomatoes.