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Maria’s Recipes: Banana Nog

Banana Nog

Makes 1 litre

*Banana’s, fully ripe and frozen (large) x 2
*Milk, reduced fat x 1 litre
*Maple Syrup x 3 tablespoon’s
*Rum essence x 1 teaspoon (you can easily add half to 1 teaspoon more, according to your tastes)
*Cinnamon, ground x 1/2 teaspoon
*Vanilla paste x 1 teaspoon (or scrape seeds from 1 vanilla bean, or use vanilla extract)
*Nutmeg, whole – you will only use what’s needed for grating generously on top of served Banana Nog.. or if you really like nutmeg, grate a little into your blender before blending. Please try to buy whole nutmeg (in the spice section at the supermarket), it’s softer when freshly grated and not grainy on the palate like the pre-grated nutmeg you buy in a jar or container.  Fresh nutmeg (in reasonable quantities) doesn’t whack you in the face with astringency like pre-grated nutmeg can.
*Ice x 1 cup (this can be left out, but I like my milky drinks icy-cold.. no ice fragments are detected if you have an ‘ice’ function on your blender).