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Thrive with Dr. Matthew Jacoby


God had given the Israelites the land but it remained for them to go and possess it.  God told Joshua that He would give him every place where he would set his foot.  This sounds simple but in fact it was, from a human point of view, an intimidating venture.  For wherever they would set their foot in Canaan they would find a strong and militant people swooping down upon them like a swarm of bees.  But God had told them that they should not be deterred by this for if they walked ahead, despite the intimidation of the enemy, that He would drive the people out before them.  The promises of God are something you have to walk ahead into.  As you step out God will fulfil His promises.  God will not prove Himself to you until you prove that you are willing to trust Him.  Often we look for concrete assurance before we step forward in obedience to God.  But concrete assurance comes after you step forward and even then it may not come straight away.  Faith is being assured before you see the results.  It is the conviction that God is faithful and the willingness to risk all and entrust your life to Him.


Read Joshua 1:1-9

Ask God where He might be calling you to step out in faith. Pray for the strength and courage to take this step.


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teaching-matthewMatthew Jacoby’s central passion is for communicating the Word of God. His desire is to learn what it means to live life by the Spirit of God, to learn to listen to God constantly and to be a transparent and honest witness to the faithfulness of God. He is the author of the daily devotional Thrive.

Thrive [August – October 16] Joshua-Samuel – Light in the Darkness

In this edition of Thrive we will continue our journey in the Old Testament with the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth and the first half of the first book of Samuel. We will be looking at the story of Israel from the conquest of Canaan under Joshua to the anointing of David. It was a turbulent time with extreme highs and lows and therefore there is so much to learn from and absorb. Starting with this edition Matt will also be devoting the weekend entries to the Psalms. Having spent significant years studying the Psalms, Matt will share some of the key lessons he has learned from this amazing book of biblical songs of the years.

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