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How to Turn Your Anger Around Without Yelling

By: Dr Justin Coulson Every parent has those days. The ones where your child has refused to get ready for school, thrown food at his brother and stomped on the dog’s tail. (more…)

Are Smart Toys Safe?

By: Dr Justin Coulson There is a toy revolution building. Kids toys are becoming smarter. It’s part of the “internet of things”, which basically means that every “thing” you can buy can be connected to the Internet. (more…)

10 Easy Traditions That Can Make Christmas Meaningful For Your Family

By: Dr Justin Coulson Ok. I know. You’re not even sure if you should read this article. Christmas is already busy enough. Non-stop events, too much money spent, and frantic 15 km/h driving on jam-packed roads. Gah! Who wants more to do? (more…)

How To Keep Kids Motivated To Play Sport

By: Dr Justin Coulson In some circles, junior sport has become a hotbed of competition and comparison. The push to “do your best” starts early. Kids want to win and they put pressure on themselves to beat their competitors. But often there is downward pressure from parents and even coaches (who, let’s face it, are often just enthusiastic parents themselves). (more…)

My Son Won’t Talk About His Day

By: Dr Justin Coulson "Hi Dr Justin My son won’t talk when he comes home from school. I ask him how his day was and he just says, “Fine.” I ask him what he did and he says “Nothing”. I ask him who he spent time with and he shrugs or mentions a friend or two. That’s it. Why won’t he talk? Is he being bullied? How can I get him to open up? He’s 9 years old." (more…)

People Matter More Than Things

By: Dr Justin Coulson As Chad walked into the kitchen he spotted his three-year-old son riding a skateboard around the kitchen island. He was in a hurry, so he quickly told his son to stop riding the skateboard in the house and turned away. (more…)

When Is It Ok to Leave Your Child Home Alone?

By: Dr Justin Coulson I was born in the 1970s, and raised in a lower-to-middle-class suburb. Mum and Dad ran their own business and they both worked long hours. This meant that when I was a kid, I let myself into the house every afternoon after school, and I was free to play anywhere in the neighbourhood until my parents returned home from work. I spent the afternoons riding my bike down to the park or to the shops with my best mate Andy. (more…)

How to Raise Kids Who Read

By: Dr Justin Coulson There’s a reason that experts make a big deal about telling parents to read to their children. Reading to kids (not using devices but using real books) is one of the best things we can do to help them develop positively. (more…)

Toddlers and Television

By: Dr Justin Coulson I have written in this column – for years – that excessive screen time, including watching television, is not good for anyone, but is especially detrimental to children. A study published recently about the effects of television watching on toddlers makes this clearer than ever. (more…)

Body & Cyber Safety: How to Pre-Arm and Protect Your Children

By: Dr Justin Coulson In the past week I’ve been contacted by several parents. They’ve asked a number of questions, all along the same lines*: (more…)