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Why Your Dining Table Has Great Significance

By: Susan Sohn A number of years ago my parents made the big decision to move from our farm and family home into our small, very quaint town. As many of you know, a move like this is huge. (more…)

Jesus as a Blueprint for Thriving Relationships

By: Focus On The Family When we take an honest look at the life of our Lord Jesus, what do we see? Do we see a detached, impersonal Messiah who opposed being seen with sinners and tax collectors? (more…)

Why You Should Make Mum a Cup of Tea

By Katrina Roe Every day around the world six billion cups of tea are drunk. But it’s who we share our tea with that makes it meaningful. (more…)

Happily Ever After is a Choice

By: Sabrina Peters A happy marriage requires grace, forgiveness and the constant pursuit of inner peace and contentment. (more…)

Me, Myself and I: The Self-Centred World of Teens

By: Rachel Doherty Teenagers have a reputation for being selfish, but it’s better for parents to see this behaviour as self-centred instead. (more…)

The Power of Forgiveness

Tim Sisarich from New Zealand was asked by “Focus on the Family” to travel the world, making a documentary on the state of the modern family. However, he didn’t count on it raising issues in his own life. Particularly in the area of forgiveness.  (more…)

Remember This When You’re Tired of People

Author: John Mcgee  | Focus On The Family. Have you ever been tired of people? Have you ever looked down on your Caller ID and let out a soft groan when you saw who it was? You know you’re supposed to be kind, compassionate, and helpful, but sometimes, instead of seeing people as a blessing to engage with, you see them as a hassle to avoid. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard.  (more…)

Clearing Out the Clutter – Focus On The Family

Frequent Focus on the Family guest, Kathi Lipp shares today how to eliminate clutter, something that has the potential to create stress and conflict in family relationships. She describes how guilt, shame and fear often contribute to our clutter issues. Kathi goes on to offer practical strategies on how to organise, get rid of what you don't need and "live lighter," giving you space and resources to serve God as He intended, instead of struggling with so much stuff! (more…)

Why Your Marriage is Like Your Garden – Focus On The Family

A few years ago my wife and I were holidaying with some friends on Vancouver Island. We were driving around looking for some off-the-beaten-path point of interest when suddenly we came upon a home with the most amazing garden I had ever seen. Right there in the middle of the road, I put the car in park and, like a moth to a flame, started walking towards the house, captivated by what I saw. My wife and friends found a parking place for the car I had abandoned, and they joined me to stand and admire the beauty. (more…)

Loving The Strangers Next Door

Kristen Schell always thought fulfilling God’s calling would send her to far away mission fields, she had no idea that God’s calling for her life was right in her front yard. (more…)