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Why Believe? In the End, Christianity Rises or Falls on These Two Things

In this secular age it could almost be considered social and professional suicide. So why believe in Christianity at all?...

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Believe it for Yourself

For those who have grown up in Christian circles, it can be easy to hold convictions simply because those around you do. But eventually, everyone has to come to the point where you need to believe it for yourself....

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3 Lies I Believed About Being a Christian

Many people don't understand what being a Christian truly means. Many think it's actually more about them than it is about Christ. Sounds a bit silly... but honestly a lot of people do....

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Do Scientists Believe in God?

The popular idea that if you’re a scientist then you must by definition be an atheist, is wrong. Science doesn’t necessarily lead to atheism....

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When Belief and Actions Collide

The words that stopped me cold weren’t shouted or even spoken angrily. They were gentle, coming through the speakers of my laptop. One sentence, spoken sweetly, that gave me chills....

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