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book review

Get Your Teen Reading Again With New Sci-Fi Series About Choosing to Fit In or Do What’s Right

‘Apprentice’ follows young Flick, who becomes conflicted when she has a choice between wanting to fit in and standing up for what’s right....

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Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith Reveals Painful Years of Childhood Abuse

Not many know that for worship leader Kim Walker Smith, her journey into music was birthed in the pain of an abusive childhood....

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Author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, Has Retracted His Book and Apologised

“I now think dating can be a healthy part of a person developing relationally and learning the qualities that matter most in a partner.”...

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A Practical Guide to Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

The guide includes everything from a detailed plant directory to constructing nesting boxes, insect hotels and bee apartment blocks....

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The Book Opening Young Peoples’ Eyes to Subtle Cultural Influences

It’s cultural uncertainty that inspired author Chris Parker’s recent book, The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on work, technology, sex, stuff, truth and happiness....

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