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Ruthless Comparison is the Key to Success Says Hollywood’s Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke has produced TV and film in more than 60 countries around the world. He’s been shot at, survived military coups and threatened with prison....

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From Soldier to Servant: An Australian’s Journey from Conflict to Chaplaincy

While serving in Afghanistan, Haydn Lea realised he had a talent for comforting his comrades with his newfound Christian wisdom....

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If God Can Use Them, God Can Use You

God is in the business of using frail, fallible and ordinary people, because that’s the only kind there is. God can use you....

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Christian’s Story — How My Work Became My Worship

As a clinical therapist at an inpatient psychiatric facility, Christian serves people facing suicidal ideation, extreme anxiety, or psychosis....

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How to Flourish at Work

Kara Martin, author of Workship discusses how to find Christian purpose at work and what happens when work becomes toxic....

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When the Calling Isn’t

If there is an awkward feeling that everything is not well, perhaps it's time to stop, reflect, assess the calling and move into a new one....

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