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New Podcast ‘Incurable’ Explores a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

What happens when you find out you have only months to live? ‘Incurable’ walks that journey and provides hope for those in a similar situation....

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SBS News Reader Anton Urges Aussies to Take the Bowel Screening Test; It Saved His Life

In December 2017, beloved SBS newsreader Anton Enus suddenly disappeared from Australian TV. He had discovered, out of the blue, that he had bowel cancer....

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Christine Caine – Facing Cancer and Holding Onto God

In her new book ‘Unexpected’, Christine shares how cancer and other life experiences have taught her to leave fear behind and step into God’s plan....

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Finding God in All Seasons: Darlene Zschech on Her New Book ‘The Golden Thread’

"There’s something about the character or nature of God that you discover in those places, that [you] can never find on the mountaintop"....

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Winning the Fight With a Family Curse: Stan Walker’s Greatest Battle Yet

A battle with cancer, an encounter with God, dramatic weight loss, and grappling with his purpose on the earth—Stan Walker has faced it all in the last couple of years....

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Darlene Zschech and Joyce Meyer On Fighting Cancer

When facing a life threatening disease like cancer, one can be left feeling helpless and thinking ‘why me’. Two women we all know and love, Darlene Zschech and Joyce Meyer, have opened up about their battles with breast cancer and how they turned to God to give them strength....

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