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elaine fraser

Take a Moment Monday: Find Your Why

What's your why? Often why we find people totally uninspired in jobs they hate or in relationships they feel trapped in because they've missed the big why in the equation of life....

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Take a Moment Monday: Check in With Yourself

We change over time, and if we don’t take time out to think the next chapter of our lives, we may drift along and another year will have passed....

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Take a Moment Monday: Your Creative Best

Doing the creative best with our lives means making choices that intentionally craft our days in order to ensure that, when they are added together, they are significant and meaningful....

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Dare to Receive

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to give advice, criticism and gifts, but not so easy to receive them. Today, I dare you to receive....

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Storms Are Life

There are sources of anxiety, pain and disappointment that turn our lives into storms but the best thing we can do is create through the storm....

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In the noise, we hear voices of not good enough and you’ll never do it. My soul is in need of some grace. My soul is in need of silence....

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