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The Future of Housing In Australia

The type of homes people desire are changing and so is the composition of households. By 2041 we will have 13 million homes, up from 10 million in 2021....

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Australia’s Future Demographic Identity

Data has the power to show us where we have come from and gives us a glimpse into the future of what could be. Here’s what it says about our identity....

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The Rise of the Regions: Australia’s Are Moving to Regional Areas

Research shows an increase in regional living as Australians seek a different lifestyle and location for work along with a more affordable location....

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The Global Population is Set to Peak in 2064

By: McCrindle The latest population modelling shows that the dire forecasts of global overpopulation and food shortages are unlikely to eventuate. Indeed, the challenge for many countries will not be managing population growth, but trying to attract migration to deal with population contraction. It is now expected that the global…...

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Australia towards 2030

Australia is growing in religious diversity. In 1966 almost nine in ten Australians identified as Christian. This compares to 52.1% today....

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