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Compassion Week

Compassion Week 2019 commences on October 20 with seven days of compelling programs featuring wonderful people and an incredible God....

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Mercy Ships Helps Gamai Reach for a New Life

Gamai was just a toddler growing up in Guinea, West Africa, when she pulled a pot of boiling water over and badly burned her arms....

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A Venezuelan Migrant’s Story

Hundreds and thousands of Venezuelan migrants cross into Colombia each day, leaving behind chaos and deprivation. The journey is demanding and dangerous....

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Comfortable Christian Living

If you want to follow Jesus, there will be hardship and suffering. So, if it’s going to be like that, why continue to follow Jesus Christ?...

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Would Universal Basic Income Beat Poverty?

Ronald Henderson famously chaired a Commission of Inquiry into Poverty in the early 1970’s. Following the release of the Commission’s reports, the ‘Henderson Poverty Line’ became the standard used by researchers to gauge progress in the community....

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They Slipped Away In The Night – Tragedy at Sea for Kiribati Students

A shipwrecked ocean ferry, children lost at sea and a rescue against the odds. Just one of the consequences of life in an impoverished nation....

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