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screen time

Raising Gen Alpha in the Great Screen Age

Our children need digital skills to thrive in today’s world – but how do we also develop in them the life skills that can only grow away from the screen?...

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9 Ideas for Screen Time Balance

Instead of banning screens, we need to help our tweens find a healthy balance for their gaming and video-streaming time, writes Collett Smart....

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Yippee! A Safe Streaming Site For Kids Unlike Any Other

The popular faith-based US streaming platform launches in Australia as a “safer” alternative to YouTube and other streamers....

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Emerging Generation’s Recommended Screen-Time – It’s Less Than You Think

It is hard to refute the statement that we are now living in the great screenage. Screen-based devices are now a regular part of our day to day lives....

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Screen Time, Digital Wellbeing & Priorities

Until Apple and Android's latest screen time feature release, we’ve not had a good picture of how much time we spend on our devices....

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Surviving the Fortnite Craze: A Guide for Frustrated Parents

Are you tearing your hair out over your child’s Fortnite gaming habits? Here's how you can help your game-playing kids find the right game-life balance....

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