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seeking God

Our Knowable God – And the Unknowable, Hard-To-Please Gods of Ancient Times

Against the backdrop of mysterious, ancient gods that demanded mass killings of children, the God of the Bible shines most brightly, writes Tania Harris....

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Don’t Miss Out On Majesty – It Could Be Right in Front of You

You might be standing right in front of majesty, but failing to notice it because you’re distracted by other things, writes Stephen McAlpine....

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How To See God Everywhere – in the Small, Simple Things

Author Annette Spur’s new book shines a light on the many remarkable ways we can encounter God in small, everyday things....

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Where’s Your Mountain?

Every one of us needs a place where we can go, a mountain, apart from the busyness of this world, to spend time with God....

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Work was Given to Adam and Eve Before “The Fall” – How the Mundane Can Be Meaningful

Authors Shannon Vandewarker and Denise Daniels’ new book considers how Christians can enhance their everyday occupation through spiritual intention....

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Asking for God’s Help – Don’t Let the Frogs Pile Up

It is often easier to see what another person should be doing about their frogs- “change this situation now!” we say. “Don’t let it keep building up!”...

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