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Mathare Women Rehabilitation and Empowerment – Enabling Women to Secure Their Own Future

The program helps women get out of the sex industry by up-skilling them and enabling them to find suitable work with a stable income....

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Going on Mission – Find Your Life Calling While Helping Others Pursue Theirs

Many who go on mission trips soon realise that learning about other cultures and helping the church thrive globally changes their own life in lasting ways....

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Drug Addicted Youth Recover through God-Centered Mentorship in Africa

Wanting to help Africa’s young people thrive and fulfill their God-given purpose, African Enterprise established the Foxfires Youth Program....

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Caring for Africa in the 21st Century – It Rests on the Local Church

African Enterprise’s Street Children Program connects local churches to disconnected children, restoring their dignity and equipping them with life skills....

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Using Jesus to Change the Fate of the World’s Largest Nation

Over half the world’s population growth is expected to be in Africa between now and 2050. Survival is a priority and spiritual wellbeing seems insignificant, but for African Enterprise, it’s where their aid work begins....

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