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How to Make Friends When Your Church is Full of Cliques

"A lot of these mums I have known for a few years; I have tried to build a relationship with them, but it never seems to go anywhere"...

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Is Going to Church Really Necessary?

After a busy week of working, cooking, cleaning and shuttling kids around, you can always just stay in or catch a TV preacher, right?...

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How Being in Church makes Hearing God Easier

If we can all hear God’s voice for ourselves, do we still need to go to church?...

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Faith Sharing Tip: Bring Church out of the Building

Have you ever got stuck thinking that you need to bring people to church for them to hear about Jesus?...

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Facing the Worst Moments in Christianity: Sweeping New Film in Cinemas Now

The new film – now showing in over 100 cinema screenings is aptly subtitled, How the Church is Better and Worse Than you Ever Imagined....

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