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New Podcast ‘Incurable’ Explores a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

What happens when you find out you have only months to live? ‘Incurable’ walks that journey and provides hope for those in a similar situation....

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Single Mum Victoria Coster’s ‘From Zero to CEO’ Story Will Inspire You

One inspirational single mum’s story of how she turned her family’s struggling situation around and become a boss of her own business....

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‘Bright Ones’ Teaches Kids a Better Way to Pursue the Creative Arts

Bright Ones encourages kids to enjoy their natural talents but also see God’s greater purpose in how they use them to serve others....

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The Viral Video Making Kids with Down Syndrome Famous (and Their Mums!)

It brought celebrity TV host James Corden to tears, and made singer Christina Perri tweet that her ‘heart is full’....

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Pizza shop has served over 150,000 free slices of pizza to homeless

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania isn’t just your ordinary pizza shop. For most of the customers, a slice of pizza is free....

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