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Thinking of Getting Therapy? Here’s 4 Reasons to Act Now

While starting therapy with a psychologist may seem daunting, the sooner you act the better, say the experts....

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How to Choose a Child Psychologist

It can be overwhelming to find and decide on a child psychologist. But parents know their children best, writes psychologist Valerie Ling....

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What Therapy is Like…And What It’s Not

The label ‘talk therapy’ may drive the myth that psychotherapy is just talking. Monica Jacob dispels a few common myths....

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Our Brains Aren’t Ready for Pandemic Fatigue – But There’s Hope, Says Psychologist

“We’re not out of it, because the impact of a global pandemic will take a while to resolve,” clinical psychologist Valerie Ling says....

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Talking to Teens About Vaping, Alcohol & Drugs

Vaping is on every school principal’s mind right now. Adolescent psychologist Collett Smart and drug-and-alcohol educator Paul Dillon share their advice....

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