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Teaching the Little Things, Like Swallowing Peas?

Unsurprisingly, it’s the little things that take you by surprise. Too late you discover the things you didn’t teach your kids. ...

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Student Wellbeing and Academic Results Linked to Positive Student-Teacher Relationship

Teachers have influence well beyond their students; they play a vital part in the school culture as whole as well as the education system....

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SRE – How to Answer Life’s Everyday Questions

Part of the job of a Christian SRE teacher is helping kids find their own answers to life's questions based on what the bible's response would be....

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SRE & Australia: Are We a Good Match?

Special Religious Education (SRE) may be something you’ve recently opted your child into, but it’s been engrained in Australia’s culture for many years....

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Darlene Zschech and Joyce Meyer On Fighting Cancer

When facing a life threatening disease like cancer, one can be left feeling helpless and thinking ‘why me’. Two women we all know and love, Darlene Zschech and Joyce Meyer, have opened up about their battles with breast cancer and how they turned to God to give them strength....

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Helping Your Daughter Understand Romantic Relationships

Our “Focus on the Family” guest in this two-part broadcast is Jessie Minassian, who is a self-confessed former “crushaholic,” because when she was growing up, she used to obsess over romance and relationships with boys....

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