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Dr Matthew Jacoby

Thrive with Dr. Matthew Jacoby

Christ Alone : Leviticus 17 By: Dr Matthew Jacoby Once God’s provision for the salvation of his people had been established in the tabernacle system, the Israelites were no longer to sacrifice anywhere and anyhow.  They had been offering sacrifices in various ways and various places but now God called…...

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Thrive with Dr Matthew Jacoby

THE SUPREMACY OF JESUS The Colossians were apparently being influenced by a form of Judaism which emphasised the role of angels as mediators between God and man.  It seems that they were trying to accommodate Jesus into this belief system and were tending towards seeing Jesus as just another angelic…...

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Celebration – Psalm 96

Psalm 96 opens with an invitation to celebrate God. This is what the exhortation to “sing” means. A “new song” is warranted because we are not living in an old experience but something fresh and current.  We don’t just celebrate what God has done in the past but also what…...

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